Thursday, October 23, 2008

Youth, A Power

O! Youth, their remains a lot within you. A lot to be created, a lot to be explored,and a lot to be defined for our self .
The power to realize the strength is within us, and the courage to explore it is lying with us, in our thought process. When this power within, is realized and made use of in any venture, what is significantly inherent, to come out of it is the change, a change which starts from the individual and then create a ripple which affect the whole outside world.. The creation of that ripple, no doubt is a long process, in the sense that it sometimes takes a lot of time to foster that spirit within. But, the inherent quality to see through, is what makes the difference. The spirit of taking initiatives ,is what matters more than the result of one’s initiative. The inner strength is the input to visualize the outside world. The world expects from us to act in a particular manner. Its we, who can prove to them to expect from us in the manner which reflects what we want from us.

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Ajay Suman Shukla said...

I like this post especially because it is related to youth. I am passionate to know more on youth space in Gandhi fellowship to contribute.