Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Artificial behavior

The way we have been brought up and the way we have been inherited genetic material from our parents determines the personality we develop. There are so many explanations of every kind of personality we have but all seems incomplete if they can’t interpret what an individual being can do in a particular situation. So many factors influence our behavior and some are influencing us consciously and some unconsciously. Our attitudes, stereotypes and the whole construction of our ego are continuously under the challenge in this modern world and that make us evolve a new kind of behavior, which I call as an “artificial behavior”.
So many times I gave a thought after observing our this kind of behavior which I call artificiality and that made me to think more and attracts my attention more towards it. Do we feel there is a gap in our thoughts and actions? If yes then what’s the reasons behind that? This gap can be understood simple under the light of attitude behavior gap. But now I think its beyond that what we felt before. Let me explain attitude behavior gap then we can understand what this gap is? I want my surroundings clean are my kind of attitude. And if it’s simply a true behavior of mine, it can be clearly observable in my daily actions but the question rises if its not the true belief or attitude of mine, shall it be visible in my behavior and when and where? Off course many times it can be observed but one situation on which I want to stress is our social environment i.e. when we come in contact with another human being. Sometime we can observe that if my cleanliness behavior is my true attitude I will have same behavior every time either in presence of any individual or absence of an individual i.e. when I will be alone. We all now in social parties how we react on a given situation and how we internally feel if we didn’t like the same situation. But because of social context we behave the way what we are not in reality and it just seems the ok situation for us with fake smile on our face. But is it our real behavior or is this what I call artificiality?
One of the common reasons for this behavior seems the social acceptance. But is it the way we are grooming every individual around us? This is the kind of social environment we all are making and then we are the one who blames this kind of behavior.
Recently I was chatting with one of the unknown guy on yahoo. He was from Afghanistan. We have a very nice interaction about the recent conditions of Afghanistan but as I realize from his conversation that he like the American strategy of war in his country which was contrasting with mine. I immediately deletes him from my profile even we was good friends from past one year. After some time I felt bad and thought about this whole episode and some questions evolves in my mind like…
Is it the best qualities we are searching always in individuals? If yes then aren’t we selfish?
We like only those, which resonates with our ideology and thinking, behave like us and many time try to superimpose our thoughts on them. Can we imagine a world where all human beings are of a like quality? What will be the difference then…? Where goes the individuality?
Did we ever try to understand the environment in which the individual has developed because the thoughts, ideas, attitude, stereotypes etc all are being learned from the environment. So, where we are searching the reason of being different? Is it the individual or the kind of environment in which he has evolved? Among both of them what we need to understand and which one first?
But the environment is the most important which we need to understand if we have to observe the true behavior and if we are creating the artificial environment we will definitely get the artificial behavior.
Tehseen Haroon