Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We are living in a competitive era…………………………………….

We are living in a competitive era with everlasting struggle and competition with each other. We never try to hear the bird chirping in the morning, to see the hills after rain, to see those rocks shining in the sun, the leaves sparkling, to see the clouds go by and to rejoice on a clear morning with full heart and a clear mind.
But, we lose this feeling when we grow up with competition, worries, anxieties, quarrels, hatred, fear and the everlasting struggle to earn a livelihood. From childhood we spend our days in battle with each other disliking and liking and derives pleasure from it. We never try to understand the beauty of the world, a feeling for beauty because we soon get caught up in the pseudo mechanism of life, as we go to the college, get married, have children, husbands, wives, responsibilities, earn a livelihood, finally we grow old and die! That is what happened to us. Because, we do not understand the meaning of education or never try to figure it out. Basically, education means “no end”. It is not where we read books, poems, facts, and formula, pass an examination and finish with education. But, during the whole life the moment we get born till the moment we die, the process of education and learning of life continues.
But, we can never learn if we are in conflicts, with our self, with our neighbors, with society… But if we learn about the mechanism of putting together images of life, we will see the extra ordinary mechanism of life or beauty...

Salman U Khan,
(Written in Chalanabas village in Rajasthan, winter 08)