Thursday, July 2, 2009

New experience of my life...

Jab first time yahan aayi, to ajeeb sa dar tha,par jab sabse mili to dar kam ho gaya.Naye naye logo se mili to kaafi acha laga aur starting mein samaj nahi aa raha tha ki kya karun kya nahi.Lekin dhire dhire sab samajh aa gaya, yahan par hume mauka mila apne aap ko samjhne or samjhane ka. Group mein kaise rehte hai, enjoy karte huye apna kaam karna, yahan dekha hai. Yahan,laga ki life mein hamare samne bahut challenge aate hai par unko kaise accept karke, life mein aage badte rehna hai yahan sikha. Jab suna ki working schedule 9am to 12pm tak hai to dar gayi ki kaise karungi. Fir to aadat si ho gayi, ek din to puri raat nind nahi aayi sirf sochti rahi lekin jaise hi training start huyi, to phir to sochne ka mauka hi nahi mila .Pata hi nahi chalta hai ki subah kab huyi or raat kab huyi .So..., i am enjoying every moment with my work, my sweet PLs and FRIENDS.

Pratibha Choudhary

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My first day as a GF…

While starting off from home to Jhujnjhunu, I had many apprehensions ..first time I was coming out of my comfort zone-my family , my home and also being the youngest and the most pampered in the family, it was really difficult being away..Also while on the way to my destination the terrain looked different which scared me at times ,as to what would be the place like.. when i reached here all my apprehension were gone and i fell for the place , i loved Jhunjhnu..coming Monday and it's gonna be the first day of my professional life..this thought itself made me nervous..anyways the session started and contrary to my expectation it was a really chilled out , home like environment, no sign of nervousness or anything was left there..We started with the introduction part with Jatin and Sonika.. and the whole process that followed and the manner in which it followed was not what any body would think of a professional life..Kaivalya has the most chilled out people i have ever met ..we sang bal geet and chetna geet with Sugandha and Shreya..the funnies and the coolest thing I have done after my prep days.It was lovely enacting those songs...later in the evening the visit to dargah was an amazing's just been two days and we have already formed such intimate bonds with every body.I have never been so comfortable in my life outside my home. I am really thrilled at the prospect of what all exciting things gonna emerge. let’s hope the coming two years will be like the first day and this period of my life will be the most memorable ........

Priyanka Yadav

Ajeeb dastaan ...

Ajeeb dastan hai ye kahan shuru kahan khatam,
ye manzilein hai kaun si naa yeh samajh sake they hum…
Pehla din aisa hi tha…

Nayi jagah, naye log, naya safar. Aaj ka din shuru hua thode darr, thodi nervousness aur bahut si excitement ke saath. Masti aur kaam saath kaise hota hai yeh aaj jaana hai. Alag alag log jab mil baat kar kaam karte hain to waqt kitni jaldi nikal jaata hai yeh pata hi nahi chalta. Nayi jagah mein logon se kaise milte hain, nayi jagah ki khoj karna, ye karne se mera aatam vishwas badha. Shaam ko hum dargah gaye, barish mein bheege aur khub masti ki.
Yahan ki sabse achi baat yeh hai ki agar aap kuch janna chahte ho(jagah ke bare mein, logon ke bare mein) to kaha jaata hai, “jao aur pucho” , apne pairon par khade hone ka sahi maiyna yahan aakar ek hi din mein pata chal gaya, bawjood iske jab kuch senior G.F chor kar dusre block jaa rahe they to aisa laga koi apna bichad raha ha.
Dil apne aap udaas ho gaya, shaam ki masti, G.F’S ka support…..all in all ghar ki yaad nahi aayi, actually ghar ko yaad karne ki fursat nahi mili.

Anisha Mathew

Work new religion

Life is a constant journey and I feel that, I have taken my first step
towards something worthwhile. The path will be full of hardship that’s
for sure…15 hours of schedule, well that’s something, I had never seen
before .So, in that fashion Gandhi Fellowship is exactly what I expected of it.
The visit to the government hospital was not earth shattering as such
but the uncle I got acquainted to was a dandy. A charming guy who even
had tea with me for a few moments of discussion, that’s something I
have never experienced in my years in Agra or Gandhinagar. Reflecting
on my own life, that’s something I have never done for the fear of not
having anything concrete to reflect upon. But here, after the collage
exercise of our life story, I developed the thought process and got to
realize that my life has not been that dull and there are a few
silver linings in the midst of an uneventful life. A little too phillo
for the first day I think, but that’s the way… I like it. Working for
so long and trying to collect and jot down my thoughts is really tough
but really it was something, I was looking forward to and expect my
life to be so full of things to do in the weeks and months to come.
“Work is my new religion and I am a devout follower.”


hara samandar...

Ek samay ki baat hai bandhu,
baat bade patey ki ,
desh sa jakda janjeeron mein, haalat badi buri thi, tab ek budhha lathi pakde gaon gaon batakhta tha,
kaha tha usne ki bharat gaon gaon mein basta tha, aaj main bharat aaya hun, haan aaj hi bharat aaya hun,
haan main gaon bhale hi nahi par dilli se door aaya hun,
yahan log kuch naye se hain, par baat wahi puraani hai,
Khudh ko badal ke,
kuch badalne ki ,yahan pe sabne thaani hai.
Inme shamil hokar ,
Mai bhi khud ko badalne aaya hun
hara samundar jo gaya ,aaj who paar karne aaaya hun
Main ab urne wala hun , aasman chune wala hun.

Manish Sharma