Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Work new religion

Life is a constant journey and I feel that, I have taken my first step
towards something worthwhile. The path will be full of hardship that’s
for sure…15 hours of schedule, well that’s something, I had never seen
before .So, in that fashion Gandhi Fellowship is exactly what I expected of it.
The visit to the government hospital was not earth shattering as such
but the uncle I got acquainted to was a dandy. A charming guy who even
had tea with me for a few moments of discussion, that’s something I
have never experienced in my years in Agra or Gandhinagar. Reflecting
on my own life, that’s something I have never done for the fear of not
having anything concrete to reflect upon. But here, after the collage
exercise of our life story, I developed the thought process and got to
realize that my life has not been that dull and there are a few
silver linings in the midst of an uneventful life. A little too phillo
for the first day I think, but that’s the way… I like it. Working for
so long and trying to collect and jot down my thoughts is really tough
but really it was something, I was looking forward to and expect my
life to be so full of things to do in the weeks and months to come.
“Work is my new religion and I am a devout follower.”


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