Saturday, October 18, 2008

Me as a Gandhi Fellow

Visualizing myself in a small town in the interior of Rajasthan, where women believe in pardah, where the proportion of men on the roads is higher, where people still commute on camel back…and sooooo much more setting up the locale…. felt distant and like a far away fantasy until I actually landed up here in Jhunjhunun! A place that ‘sounds’ soo musical is indeed a world of its own...with its own tunes…lyrics…and beats!

That’s what I call movement, movement from beer to chhach, from Pizza Hut to Bajre ki roti, from tall concrete buildings to open fields, from big cars to bullock carts, from A.C. rooms to walking in the sun, from pardah as a form of oppression to pardah an empowering feeling. Moving from a adopting a hip ‘gaon look’ as a fashion statement back in college to actually adapting myself to the ‘gaon look’…has been a process of true learning and indeed a complete immersion.

All of this, only to test myself, my ideas my perspectives in life and learn, unlearn and learn all over again!


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