Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fellowship of the Gandhi Kind

Moving beyond Google Earth that initially fueled my imagination about what rustic Jhunjhunu would be like, life here as a Gandhi Fellow has been full of surprises. From conveniently settling into the small town to regular incursions into villages and its schools, this has been way more profound in its impression and impact than the neon rubbish of the cities.

My time here has had me learn self-discipline; unlearn urban behavioral tendencies; and how to strive within means to achieve an end, the end here being quality improvement in village government schools, but never in the process forgetting the self and its capacities for influx and de-flux...

...Gandhi, before turning into a saga, debate and portrait on currency notes, was a man, a man of action and reflection, and that is exactly what one inculcates here.

Breathing here is lung-fulls of fresh air, sights are full of sky and fields, the water is full of taste and the atmosphere is a shade of change.


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Gandhi Fellowship said...

fantastic stuff man, keep it up