Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Voice Within... of a Gandhi Fellow

This is the journey of mine from the limelight of the globalised India to real Bharat.Being a Gandhi Fellow , is an effort towards taking steps ahead which is more important than being a mere spectator. I experiment therefore I am , and the effort is the hope .to explore myself and then from there taking steps toward bringing the change.
First of all, if I want to see a change , it should be first to feel the change myself, a change within for change outside... is the voice within , as a result of experiences gained here at the grass root level.
"Dare to dream is what is there, dream to dare" is the voice of mine for myself ,as a youth , realizing the strength and making use of it will definitely revolutionize the definition of change, and with this perspective traveling from India to Bharat , I am standing here with my firm belief , courage which lies within , explore it and act …act …act. With the real facts , unveil the truth , with empathy , nor sympathy or apathy. Being a Gandhi fellow , I am on the path of unfolding myself, and then trying to see any kind of impact on others and thereby bringing the change. Here , my journey is my destination...with learnings whose basic input is self unfoldement. In these two years , as a Gandhi Fellow , my learning process will be strenthened day by day with real practical life experience. This experience put many questions, and two years will be the journey toward destination, of unfolding myself . I experiment ,therefore ,I am...


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