Thursday, October 23, 2008

Self Creation

"Essentially there is one but one single true reason for living, it is to know oneself .We are here to learn-to learn what we are, why we are here and what we have to do.And if we don’t know that, our life is altogether empty for ourselves and for others." The Mother

What a beautiful thought isn’t it? But, only now after being a Gandhi Fellow, I can realize the beauty of this phrase. We often talk about bringing change, change in the education system of our country, change in our friends, change in our parents, change in our Country’s politics, except a change in ourselves. This is only because, we think that we know the other person really well and can improve him and tell him that whatever he is doing ,is it right or wrong ?Well, without even realizing that ‘do we know ourselves’…the answer which one gets is…hmm…haaaan
I look like this,
I like this,
I hate this,
these are my hobbies and things like that.
But is this enough to know about oneself?
Earlier even I was like that, even after coming here, I often used to say that I know myself well, but now as days are passing I m realizing that I need to know many things about me.How will I react in certain situation, internally what type of person I am? Now, I have realized that there is a huge difference between knowing oneself externally and internally.
No doubt it’s beautiful to observe yourself, you get to know so many new things about yourself which you rarely believe. Similar thing is happening with me after coming here, actually I think I am exploring myself ,even then writing few lines on my self is looking difficult, because till now I knew only external Gitanjali and now I am trying to know the internal Gitanjali. I know it will take time, as it is a time consuming process, but I am enjoying…and now I can say that I have so much to do in my life…..i need to know my perfections, my imperfections and of course my limitations, I am waiting for the day when I’ll say:

"I am but a seeker after Truth. I claim to have found a way to it. I claim to be making a ceaseless effort to find it. But I admit that I have not yet found it. To find Truth completely is to realize oneself and one's destiny, i.e., to become perfect. I am painfully conscious of my imperfections, and therein lies all the strength I posses, because it is a rare thing for a man to know his own limitations”.


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