Thursday, October 2, 2008

Me as a Gandhi Fellow

Being a Gandhi Fellow! A dive into an ocean of eternal possibilities and numerous struggles …the aim being only one - CHANGE!

But what is this change all about? Change has several faces; gradualist, revolutionary, incremental and what not. But what is my connection to it? Why do I need to care about any change in any form? And why is this the platform that I chose?

Change is about dynamism but how one perceives that dynamism differs from person to person. For me my dynamism lies in steady and gradualist unfoldment of my self. But how does this unfoldment take place? My self’s unfoldment is a constant process; an eternal urge in me to learn, to reflect on my learnings and actions and further acting in the umbrella of that reflection.

The big difference is that now I have a way out for those dilemmas that is I have a way to act, the freedom to indulge in making the most of my capabilities and do not end up only intellectualizing problems around.

No doubt there are disillusionments and frustration that tend to overpower my optimism from time to time. But I feel that is the intricate part of this fellowship and my unfoldment in next two years.

I know that in the next two years, I would evolve with every new experience I get, preparing me for the years to come.


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