Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freedom to choose – my happiness

She hops from one room to another ,
at the corner of her village periphery ,
She smile, she giggles, she laughs, she rejoice,
the moment of her life where she is going to be married ,
a young girl of 20 years in the village of Rajasthan,
sharing her thought ,she turns red to talk about him,
the one who is now her new world,
she display her jewellery ,her clothes as an asset,
an asset jewelling her memory ,
she is sweet ,she is vibrant ,
for her globalization are her two nests,
the one where she learnt to fly .
the other where she is taking shelter,
once again the reality is encountered ,
happiness is subjective, very subjective,
she teaches with her vivacity,
to enjoy ,feel and love the subjectivity,
she foster her actual right ,
her right of freedom to choose her happiness.