Monday, December 14, 2009

Quantity v/s Quality

Once upon a Russian PM visits India for a week on some diplomatic issues. He heard a lot of fame of Indian administration and know he want to check it out. He visits parliament and various other offices including some education departments. Take a guard of honor from Army, police and also visits various other departments. As he was departing, at airport he has to face the reporters and one among them asks him how you feel after spending a week in India and what you learn from here. He smiles and said I was atheist and Know I believe in God. The person who asks the question said again sir how is this possible in a week you have such a shift? The PM smiles and said after visiting the political chamber and other various departments I observe the real situations of this county and then I find out that such a country can only survive if there is some mighty power and that’s only God…laughs the HM of my school as he shares this jock in front of his staff as I ask him why there are two schools existing in a same premises?
There are two schools in same premises and both have problems, which if they get combined get solved. But who cares and what’s the policy of any authority is a big mystery to understand. As the HM shares there are around 4 schools in a single village, which is just 5 to 10 minutes, walking distance from each other. But why… As they seems the promises of politicians made during elections to get a vote explains the HM with big laugh.
Here I felt that is it quantity or quality that matters. How the resources have been utilized and what’s the policy behind them. As for example during the electric fitting in the school each school got the equal budget for that work to be done irrespective of number of rooms in the school. Two-room school get the equal amount as the eight or 10 room school and see the logic, every Headmaster has to spend the amount and one of my school got 4 tube lights in 2 room and another school of mine has the ratio of one tube light for 2 class rooms. And in another school the condition was worse, as they even don’t have the electricity connection so what was there need first?
We are loosing quality and this slow burning of our resources which every person of the country pays are getting wasted and nobody cares and we are saying we are moving towards development. I am asking to myself, if there are around 85 thousand schools in Rajasthan and if we take an average of 40 kids in each school then what’s the future of 3360000 kids?
Is that only enough to make a kid read and write his name and some few lines of his book? And they are the countries future…and we the people make jocks and mockery to such a nation, which gave the world zero (0), and now we stands on that place....

Tehseen Haroon

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This was hilarious.