Saturday, December 12, 2009

What we expect…

Burger, sandwich, milk with boost ask the mom

Running jumping, chasing kid to make him eat

For lunch what you want to eat dear

Hunger pangs her child, which she can’t bear

Everything she tries just to make her child eat….

Same country and same state with glimpse of modern life

Kids from villages are not so full of luck

Eating and sometimes even just single morsel

Borrowed by poor mother from the neighbors

To fill the empty belly of her dear little angels

Running, jumping semi nude and taking small steps for school

Holding plates and waiting with hope for a midday meal

Sparkling eyes reflect their joy and fun

How they enjoy the meal makes me dumb

This is there burger, pizza and the bun

Filling the emptiness which they carry all times with their fate

What we are expecting from them

Could might defy the Meslow’s hierarchy

Will anyone ask the Uncle Piaget?

How can we understand the Law of conservation?

When these little angles don’t have even a morsel to eat.


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