Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little souls.....

Often in the folklores I heard that the kids never cheat and lie. During my journey through psychology I go through many readings, which explains that by various projective techniques one can explore the persons mind. But in order to explore the children we doesn’t need so hard and big projective techniques but simple a kind interaction and he tells the truth whatever he observes without knowing that what it is and for what it is. Because they are not yet getting mingled in the social environment and they doesn’t have learned its tricks….
Observe the picture which one of the class second girl made today and when I ask her what’s this…. she explains with a smile
It’s my school. The jumbled kids is her class where kids are fighting with each other and next to it is another room where her teacher sits whole day…i.e. office

Tehseen Haroon

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. It was beautiful.