Saturday, January 16, 2010

What we are moving ahead for…

Development, the big word and movement from past few centuries. Courtiers chasing one another in this race but where is the actual Human development took place in this race. Is constructing modern architecture, developing roads, Air links, and fast communication and improving the whole structure of country a real development. Somewhere all these are directly linked with all round human development. But I feel that we are missing most basic human development and that is the psychic, emotional, and cultural developments.
If we are saying India is growing….I am not able to understand what we mean by growth?
The old India where the religion was the name of white colors which can’t be diffracted into different colors of superior and inferior. The culture and traditions was the jewel for which the Ancient Bharat was famous for. The smell and love for the native soil, which was taken as a matter of oath, the final decision of elders was the line engraved on the stone. The respect and status for the Guru…. which was the only source, respected and most agreed one in the whole community. It was the age when even when an animal dies a natural death the whole community mourns for the day or more.
The emotions and bonds, which was among the family or community is now, the examples heard from the folktales.
No respect for Human lives, bleeding killing each other like a wild beasts and the reasons seem so hard but simply the greed for power, wealth and status. The wild behavior, which Darwin explains, we have inherited from our Animal ancestors. Now we are moving back to the earlier age with new weapons and new technology.
Is it, that now the emotions feelings and our good traditions on extinction?
And is their strong need to think about this and have a deep concern for all what we are loosing?
Emotionally we are becoming handicapped. We have been sensitized of so much violence and because of which we cant distinguish now the difference in human blood and the color red. We are not now able to feel the emotions of others.
We are loosing our great Bharat culture and traditions, which is now dissolving over emotions and making us a robotic being.

Tehseen Haroon

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