Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Illusion or reality …

Who are we? A human or an animal …well question to be pondered isn’t it?
Some one will say nay…no need why will we …God made us different. But hang on guys …just wait for a second …just look back what you did in the morning ...woke up.. cursed others…negotiated your reality ..Because you have to stand on the expectation of others. And the actual expectation is yours…. that is “ I need to be best in the eyes of others; even though I have fallen in my own eyes. Who questions about your thought …no one …the fact lies everyone want to get the answer what they like. If you don’ are considered to be wrong, if you do you are right . Again the question, I ponder over is “who defines what is right and what is wrong. I may not say what you want to listen, but that also doesn’t mean ,that I am wrong . Well, the problem lies within the ignorance of the actual reality where the illusion is the reality dealt in life by most of us.
Why we need to be a philosopher to be the prominent face why not just an ardent follower of what we say ? But yes it is tough, it is hard, it requires courage , but all aligned with the definition of being the human ..Isn’t it? Humans have the power to think that differentiate them from animals …so why don’t we practice it than just to say it. Take step ahead …you never know when your journey will become your destination. The only intricacy should be it has to be your own defined destination not defined by others.