Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it heart or mind that matters…

What is important in the Human Body? Is that Heart or is that mind…or something Else!!! Today I met a boy, which make me to think so…His story is something very interesting. His mother died and father remarried and his downfall began. His stepmother told that he is mentally ill since birth but the community people said the different story …He is tied with chains for whole year. Whether, it is the heat of summer or the cold of winter, he spent his whole time beneath the tree tied with the chain. His meals, his world is that tree and his whole paradise is the surrounding. When I told him that I am from Kashmir he replied, “ my Kashmir is this tree and these fields”. At first when I asked the address of that boy none of the villager was willing to help me to find out that boy and everybody suggested me that the whole family is mad but anyhow I found the house and the reason for his imprisonment was that he beats every one when he is free, so we have tied him with chains. And they suggested me not to go near to him. But after taking few photos of him, I talked to him and asked him “can we be friend”, he replied, “why not…” At first I was scared of being attacked by him but suddenly I pray to God that please help me and then I approached him. He welcomed me and gave me the place to sit nearby him on khaat and then I had little normal conversation with him. One of the impacts of his life was seen clearly on his younger sister.
His mother treats him very harshly due to which his sister also suffers. She was in standard 3rd when she was also stuck by the disaster and in her case the mother also said the another story…according to him she had polio but I think there is some psychological disorder. The main chances are of Hysteria…fugue.
And also one of the important thing, which I observe is that whatever is the state of his mind, the basic instincts of human were there, and i.e. aggression. When I was talking to him suddenly his aunt entered in the lawn, he started using abusive language and he shouted on her and asked her to leave the house immediately and when I asked about this sudden reaction by him, he informed she is responsible for this whole thing. But one thing, which attracts me the most, is that if he is abnormal then how he recognizes his aunt and how he blames her and how he knows that these few abusive words spoken can heart her feelings and sentiments?
What is the real cause of this can only be guessed, but the real pain was felt by the boy and her sister…and might be by her family also!!!


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csm said...

tehseenbhai - i remember this story vividly as you recited this over lunch.
very tragic circumstances, but is workable.
i can only think of one medicine - love.
naive as it may sound, you can safely postpone the psychological approach and just try being a friend to each of the people involved (including the aunt/mother).
am certain that your patience and affection will work wonders.
mujhe aap pe pura barosa hai.