Friday, March 6, 2009

Inner power.. will power...

When we talk about will power, its tough to define it. Is this something, which comes from within or something which needs motivation from outside? Motivation can be understood again in various perspective, am I looking for the motivation from some extrinsic factor or looking for it somewhere within. A force, which keeps me going on without the need of external interference, in the form of support and appreciation.
Well, the point to be pondered here is, that if my will power and motivation to sustain it , is subject to others behavior and support, am I free ? Am I free when the key of my motivation is in others pocket?

A big question but easily answerable , for me at least, NO! when the key of my will power sustainability is in someone’s other pocket , that’s the biggest slavery in the world. So feel free, breath free, live with freedom , not only extrinsic but intrinsic as well.


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csm said...

dear GF saathis - it was a tremendous thrill to meet you.
what a wonderful journey you have started!
as a humble offering, do read my brother's (who took a spiritual walking quest) 'living in impossible times' piece.
am sure that your deductive logic will break down my nom-de-plume :-)