Friday, March 6, 2009

Govt. Job means …!!

We heard and read that before independence people of this nation dreamt to serve the country by doing Govt. job. For them the Govt. job meant social service and they did that with true spirit. The reflection of the same could be seen in the education set up. Gurus were worshipped and there status in the society was highest in the hierarchy. And now sometimes, it appears to be the tale of lost folklore.
In present scenario Govt. job means secured life. In post independence the dream remains same but the goal has changed. People want to be a Govt. employ but not to serve the nation……….infact their pockets. Even the price tag of the groom touches the sky, if he is a Govt. employ. The reason being, the security of his life being a government employee rather than his concern towards his duty. They feel and know, that whatever we do around the month, or wherever we roam around, our salary is due and definite. And if one ask them any single question about their role and duty, the bombardment of questions and blame game start. Nobody explore themselves what he or she is doing, and the irony remain they don’t even realize they themselves create the government and the system.

Tehseen Haroon

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VishnuKanth said...

very much true...I agree completely with your post. The attitude towards the Govt jobs has changed a lot. They are feeling more secure and not utilizing their talents to their best. I'm not saying that they don't have talent, they have enough of it, but they are not using it.