Saturday, November 15, 2008

BODH ...redefining the education system

The experience at Bodh has been the experience of the life time. It’s an organization , which works for the slums kids at Jaipur. This is the organization which reaches to those kids for their self - development, and gives the true meaning to India of being a welfare state. The Bodh experience of the 11 of us Gandhi fellows, was an experience to the new world of education system, where equality could be seen among the students. The kind
of work the school is doing there is filling the gap between the community the slum and the faculty, where they bring education to their rooms.
The three days spent in the organization Bodh , at Jaipur and visiting its Bodhshala, Amagarh, was very crucial , in understanding the wider horizon of education system. This organization is the one which puts the ideal into practice. The idealist system of education is practically followed here, where the interaction with the organization workers, the teachers, and the founder Mr. Yogendraji had an added on input in the learning. It works for the poorest .

It works for the poorest of the poor , it reaches where the government do not reach. The Bodh strengthen and defines the essence of welfare state.
interaction with Madhuji working as the facilitator of Kishori Sabha in the slum, was an enlightened experience, for me where how the organization takes the education to the rooms of the slum, delving into the staunch patriarchal set up.
Being there for more than an hour what I could feel and have practically seen was how on the name of security the girls are made insecure for the whole of this birth of theirs. They are not allowed to move outside their home because they are unsafe………….I wonder what is their safety?

How insecure they are made just because they are women.
“to just walk few steps out of their house and reach the most nearby school, which is only 5 steps away (sometimes the reality speak) ……..
One needs to walk miles and miles …and sometime the journey never gets completed.
Here, Bodh plays the intrinsic role whereby , Madhuji as a facilitator takes the classroom, the education into their rooms. The classes taken for these slum women in such constructive ways to see are real life experience.

To see the success of the Bodh in making community responsible was another practical experience of how the slum people can be made responsible to shoulder their duties towards the kids’ education.
The one of the most striking point of this place was that it has been successful in making every one realize their responsibility, everyone shoulder their responsibilities whether it’s the community , parents, teachers , kids or society. “ Nothing is impossible , one’s you think it can be made possible.”
The Bodh is the place where it seems for the kids to be ………….
“ My class, my space, my world”. It empowers the kids mentally , overshadowing their actual condition to an extent



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